Luxury Home Accessories & Kitchenware

Goldkish Group started its activity with the import and sale of wholesale and retail catering and decoration products. This collection was able to attract the attention of many customers in a short period of time by offering luxury and diverse products, and a unique store style. In line with the support of national production, Goldkish has continued its activity with the production of catering and decoration products that can compete with foreign products and has taken a big step in expanding its products by establishing production factories.


Below you can see the number and variety of products as well as the number of agents and sales agents


Luxury Home Accessories & Kitchenware

Goldkish is the exclusive representative of some prominent manufacturers in Italy, Turkey, China, Thailand, and India, and now, in line with supporting the domestic economy and national production, it produces many products with unrivaled quality, with global standards, European production standards, and worthy of taste. Dear ones, it has been done in Iran to make a significant contribution to the beauty of your home and workplace. Goldkish is always trying to use the ideas of designers and the knowledge of experts in this industry to provide a quality product that is different from the designs in the market; Therefore, it has been able to have a significant share in the demand market.
With a variety of more than 3000 products, Goldkish offers a variety of catering dishes and decorative products in various designs and materials. Crystal decorative dishes and products, glass and bronze products, porcelain and bronze products, kitchen ceramic dishes, artificial flowers, ceramic decorations, all kinds of polyresin and bronze tables and statues, all kinds of panels, ceramic, glass and fiberglass vases, products Brass, steel and brass products, aluminum products, wood and brass products, as well as glass and brass products are among the products of Goldkish company. In addition to the unique variety of materials, Goldkish products are also diverse in design and type of accessories, which therefore includes a wide range of customers with different tastes.

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Model : Czar

Model : Rubi

Model : Red & Gold

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Our Companies

A Video Of Different Parts Of Our Factories & Sales Units

You are invited to watch this video to get to know more about the large Korosh Novin Aryai holding. In this section, you can see the process of production of products and factories of Korosh Novin Aryai and Jam Afarin Fakher. Also, Goldkish exhibition space, administrative department, sales and stores are offered to you.

Our Centers

Below You Can See Different Parts Of Gold Kish Collection Including Two Factories And A Sales Office

Korosh Novin Aryai company, a unique factory in the field of porcelain and ceramic production, glassware, metalware, etc., and in the role of holding, manages and plans Goldkish company with more than 40 branches and representatives across the country, Jam company Afarin Fakher has been active in the field of special handicrafts and Khaneh Ariyai Iranian chain stores, providing home appliances and accessories, each of which is one of the top companies in their field of activity.

Sales Agents

Luxury Home Accessories & Kitchenware

Goldkish has established branches and agencies in all parts of the country for the convenience and accessibility of valuable customers across the country. These agencies are mainly scattered in all the cities and mostly in the big cities, and all their activities are under the supervision of Goldkish company; Therefore, dear customers can visit the nearest branch or agency of Goldkish and buy with confidence of the quality and price of the products in these agencies.


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